By the end of the present year nearly 90 % of the apps would fail the security tests. Close to one third of the   large enterprises have their security breached once in a while. Around $ 50 billion is the cost of cyber- breach as the number is witnessing a major rise. To prevent such a type of attack there is a need to uncover any grey areas that is part of the environment. It is necessary to figure out the gaps in the security app and hence the use of mobile app security tools holds a lot of importance.

The reasons why mobile app security is crucial

It prevents future attacks by guessing the behavior of the attackers and figure out their moves

One is never going to be sure when a hacker would attack their app. They might attack your backend system and steal the data. But you can anticipate the future risks and mitigate the moves. It is better if you guess the behaviors of the hackers to outline the flaws in the code and fix them before the hacker tinge on them.

For these purposes a penetration test is suggested. Here an attacker relies on the use of sophisticated tools along with an advanced form of technology to penetrate on to the environment or gain access without permissions.

Going ahead with the new application where you do not worry about security risks

Before you deploy a new mobile application on to the IT environment, a mobile app would go through mandatory technical and operational testing procedures. Successful acceptance parameters assure that the mobile application would go on to satisfy the end user as the support of the IT teams is crucial. On top of that the mobile app has to comply with operational requirements. The experienced software engineers along with software experts suggest adopting a security first approach.

Be aware of the development and skills of an app development agency that develops your mobile applications.

App development and security are different areas, as you cannot expect mobile app developers to be security experts. The primary skill set of the developer is front end coding along with an user experience. But you need to make sure that the final delivery of the mobile app would have security features incorporated into it. If you are testing the security of the mobile app it is possible to access the skills of the vendor.

The moment you go on to adopt app testing as part of the mobile development process  or a mobile project it is possible to check out the responsiveness of the enterprise security team.  It is necessary to check the time of the response, the quality of the response along with the accuracy of the reaction.

If the security team is not going to react there is going to be something wrong in the process that you need to address. If the support is outsourced we can check out the quality of the service.

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