NPAT is one of the crucial entrance exams for students interested in undergraduate courses. There remains a window of a couple of days for the aspirants of it in May. Talking about the most recent, the NPAT exam is going to occur on May third week of 2021. There remain 150 questions for the students, and the time limit is a couple of years. This certainly makes the examination so much challenging. Hence, proper NPAT preparation is a must for the aspirants to expect better results or scores.

Why practice mock papers?

The number of aspirants for the NPAT entrance examination is indeed simply huge. However, it’s indeed true that the level of competition is immense. One can’t simply expect success without thorough preparation. A common strategy meant for aspirants is always to practise previous year questions of NPAT BBA. But practicing NPAT mock papers is more effective over other strategies. The best part about these papers is that these are moreover replication of the real-time tests. One can get very much familiar with the latest pattern of these tests. It thus boosts the confidence of the candidate in a significant fashion. More the number of papers someone attains, the greater the confidence of the aspirant. Previous year questions are also quite helpful, but mock tests are more confidence-boosting in nature.           

Advantage of NPAT mock paper practicing:     

There are certain aspects that distinguish those who are successful from the rest. And this distinguishing factor is simply “preparation” through mock papers. Mentioned below are some key advantages of mock papers.

  • Simply preparing with NPAT mock papers can help an aspirant in understanding examination pattern and syllabus. 
  • It provides the most familiar circumstance as of the real-time exam, thus boosting acquaintances.  
  • It helps in assessing well about the weak points, which helps in concentrating on preparation
  • Mock papers help in distinguishing which questions to appear and which ones to leave. In other words, it helps in strategizing well. It thus helps in better time management.
  • Attempting questions of mock papers help in revising the fundamentals of the studies well. 
  • One can certainly attain greater speed and accuracy levels upon practicing mock papers in a consistent fashion.
  • It is here to note that NPAT exams do come with negative marking. Upon practicing mock papers often, one can get clarity on which questions to leave.     
  • Understanding the structure of papers question patterns gets easier with regular mock paper practice.
  • Practising NPAT mock papers help in having a thorough analysis of the question paper trends. Naturally, it helps in having greater concentration. Also, this helps in managing time well. 
  • Regularly appearing for mock tests helps in boosting aptitude skills and numerical skills. It ultimately enhances the efficiency or speed of attaining questions. One can easily have clarity about probable questions.
  • A key advantage of appearing NPAT mock tests is the clarity it provides on how much time to spend on a certain question. It thus streamlines the negative marking strategy. 
  • One can certainly gain confidence upon attaining better scores in NPAT mock tests. This ultimately boosts confidence for the final examination. 

Making it systematic:

Mock paper practicing is indeed a proven strategy. There should be extensive after-test analysis for greater assessment. It acts as a great tool for optimizing performance. But, it needs to be systematic instead of random. The best recommendation always is to take the help of the expert guides with immense experience. They help in assessing students well and suggesting candidates as per his/her strength. Moreover, appearing for the mock papers should be as per the level of expertise.


Taking the above aspects into account, one can certainly expect greater scores in the NPAT exam. In other words, the key basically is to attempt as many mock papers as possible. Starting from the beginners to the experts, rigorous practicing of mock papers has been the success key for all. In an era of the web, it has gone way simpler to have access to mock papers. Anyone can thus go for practice at any time from anywhere.     

All in all, preparing mock papers in a systematic fashion with the help of experts can be extremely helpful. It is a proven strategy helping many in attaining success.

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