CBD oil for Athletes

Cannabidiol is a plant derived from cannabis but without the THC effects. The difference between cannabis, cannabidiol, also called CBD, has many  

The question is why do athletes use it and how does it help them? Here are 7 reasons why athletes use CBD oil:

1. Pain Relief

Athletes go through different kinds of pain all the time, whether because of exercising or injuries. If they don’t receive the right treatment, they may end up with a pulled muscle which is one of the reasons that CBD has become so common among athletes. According to studies CBD has certain properties that can reduce different types of pain. 

Athletes using CBD are able to actually increase their pain threshold while also making sure that the pain is reduced with it. 

2. Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation can have a great effect on athletes, it can even encourage them to train more. But if there’s too much inflammation it will delay recovery and overall hurt performance. The biggest issue with inflammation is that it can lead to sickness, weight gain, and more pain. In that case, any amount of CBD can make a difference. Just remember that the more demanding your routine is the more CBD you’re going to have to use if you don’t want to experience too much inflammation.

3. Better Sleep

For athletes to be at their best they need to be well-rested and CBD can actually help them with that. With stress and anxiety, it isn’t easy to simply fall asleep and wake up fully rested. It is also said that CBD helps with anxiety, making them completely relaxed and giving them a longer and more restful sleep. Without a good night of sleep, they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Athletes that use CBD in any form will be able to improve their physical performance, ease up on their stress and anxiety, and sleep peacefully. The best part of it is the fact they won’t get high from it, just reap its benefits.  

4. Strengthens Your Immune System

Using CBD vape oil gives athletes the chance to strengthen their immune system, which in return makes them less likely to fall to injuries and stress. Because of its many anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system, it actually gives it therapeutic effects.

5. Muscle Soreness & Workout Recovery

There is a reason that so many athletes started counting on CBD, they have to work out every day so they would stay in their best shape. It is essential but it can easily cause an injury, a lot of pain, and muscle soreness. In order to keep going, they need some sort of relief from all the pain and other issues that might occur. With CBD oil they get more than just pain relief, they’re able to get right back to working out as they usually do.

6. More Control Over the Weight Gain

With CBD athletes will have more control over their weight gain. It doesn’t just help people reach a healthy weight, but it may cause a weight increase in those who are low weight, as well as a weight loss in those that are overweight. Using CBD guarantees that you will keep your weight under control. With the appetite loss, they will be able to easily control their weight gain.   

7. Muscle Gain

Can CBD help build muscle? Yes and no, CBD doesn’t directly build muscle, but through the faster recovery, that CBD provides, it allows the athletes to keep working out without the fear of tearing a muscle, soreness, or pain. Through the array of benefits that it provides, it also increases endurance.