Personal Statement! One of the most critical documents that aspirants need to submit with the medical school applications. Students can direct the attention of the admission committee with the best medical school personal statement. 

Every year many universities receive applications from thousands of aspirants. Hence medical school acceptance is extremely high and competitive, and if you’re committed to pursuing a career in medicine, you owe it to yourself i.e the medical school personal statement gives you the opportunity to stand out and explain why you want to be a doctor.

Purpose of Medical School Personal Statements:

Personal statements play a vital role if you wish to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, the Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, or any top medical university. The committee will learn about the applicant beyond the standard details of application materials. The personal statement provides an overall insight into the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a medical degree, including long-term goals, motivation, and commitment.

Some important tips to focus on while writing  your personal statements for Medical School:

Write, rewrite, let it sit, and write again: 

Gather all your thoughts, and start making two lists, one with your reasons for why you want to choose a career in the medical field, and the other one describing qualities through which you want to get across in your personal statement. In other words, write in-depth about a few activities rather than highlighting all your accomplishments. This approach will help you to tell more stories and demonstrate how you think rather than what you have accomplished.

Stay focused and concentrated:

Some aspirants might feel easier while explaining why they want to attend medical school, while it’s not the same for every aspirant. Instead of that, try to remain focused on helping the admission committee understand who you are, and why you want to go into the medical field. Stay focused, be clear and concise with your writing and highlight the interesting aspects of your journey, not your entire life story. 

Back off the cliches:

 “I want to help my society”, “I always wanted to be a doctor”, or  “I love science” are some exact phrases that every aspirant writes about in their personal statement. But that is not going to help you stand out from the crowd. In order to stand out, be personal, be specific, make sure you are not using those cliched phrases in your statement. 

Be interesting: 

Take time, think about what’s interesting about you, like how many languages can you speak? Do you play an interesting sport? Are you interested in musical instruments? Start with a “catchy phrase” whatever it is, make sure to highlight it in your statement to make the admission committee want to read more.

The show, don’t tell:

Instead of using words to express your unique qualities, make sure you are demonstrating how you can use your experience in medical school. Don’t just say it but actually prove it. 

Embrace the 5-point essay format:

A very easy-to-follow personal statement format that you can make your own:

  • 1st paragraph: The first 4 – 5 sentences should “catch” the reader’s attention.
  • 3 – 4 body paragraphs: In this paragraph reveal who you are, tell about your services and clinical understanding.
  • Concluding paragraph: Make sure your conclusion reflects the beginning of your essay, then a brief summary of who you are, and ends with a goal for the future.

Being simple is being good: 

Use simple, clear, and direct language as the best doctors use the same. Your essay should be comprehensive.

Stick to the rules:

Focus on your word count. For AMCAS applications it is 5,300 characters, for TMDSAS its 5,000 characters, and for AACOMAS 4,500 characters.

Double-check the details: 

Make sure to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Give yourself some time as this task truly requires.

Be thoughtful about transitions:

Make sure to focus on the structure, and how you connect your paragraphs with each other. No one wants their essay to be boring! 

Stay on topic and don’t overdo it:

Stay on the topic, choose your topic wisely. Don’t try to stuff a lot of different things into your personal statement. And beware of being too self-congratulatory or too self-deprecating.

Consult the experts about your personal statement strategy:

Get help from experts who can diagnose and guide you to write an effective personal statement that showcases your accomplishments, passion, and journey. The study abroad consultants will help you draft these essential documents which are crucial when you are planning to study MBBS in Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine, or any foreign country.

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