Should my furnace be repaired or replaced?

furnace be repaired

Knowing when to have your furnace maintained and whether to have your system fixed or replaced is frequently difficult. Although every circumstance is unique, this guide will assist you in learning the ideal time to service your furnace, potential issues, and whether to fix or replace your system in each case.

Before Winter, Have Your Furnace Serviced or Replaced

You know how important it is to have a functioning furnace during the winter as a homeowner. An uncomfortable crisis can arise from a broken heating system on a chilly winter day. Nothing is worse than waking up in a chilly house, and vulnerable family members like children may even be in danger if the heat is lost.

There is no time to spend because this part of your house is very important. If at all feasible, determine whether to repair or replace your heater before winter has fully arrived. By attending to your furnace’s requirements in the summer or fall before the cold weather arrives, you can guarantee your family’s comfort throughout the winter. 

Replacement vs. Repair

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to keep your current furnace maintained or replace it with a more efficient one, however there are no hard and fast laws. If you’re trying to decide whether to repair your system or replace it totally, take into account the following situations. Of course, deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace can be difficult at any time of year. Every scenario is different, and making a decision is never easy.

1. Carbon monoxide is being released by your furnace

Any system that can possibly expose you and your family to carbon monoxide should be replaced as soon as feasible, not just patched up. A furnace that has a fractured combustion chamber should always be changed right away since it allows carbon monoxide to enter your home.

2. Your heating bill has increased, as you may have noticed

Compare the price of the most recent heating season’s bills to those from past heating seasons. Recent heating bills may have changed significantly, which indicates that your furnace is probably using too much energy. It’s also time to have your system repaired if you’re still using it sparingly and can’t explain the increase.

3. Your furnace appears to be less efficient than before

Despite the same temperatures and family routine, if your furnace felt less powerful this year than it did in prior winters, it may be losing power or your home’s duct system may be too old to transfer heat evenly. It might be time for furnace maintenance if the condition of the system has not improved after two heating seasons and there is no obvious reason why.