Choosing between Shared vs Managed WordPress hosting has always been a challenge for website owners. Both these hosting plans are tailored for different purposes and it can easily become strenuous to know which one will best suit one’s website requirements. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, this guide will help. 

In this article, we are going to share some of the major key differences between shared and managed WordPress hosting so that you can get the best hosting plan that meets your business objectives. We’ll also discuss what is the best platform to get shared/managed WordPress hosting and manage your website without facing any challenges. 

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: A Quick Overview

As the name implies, shared hosting is a type of hosting plan where you’ll have to share the server resources with other websites on the Internet. This is the cheapest hosting plan and usually starts from Rs. 85 per month. Basically, if you’re planning to start a personal blog or a small-scale website, choosing shared hosting will be the best option. 

Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is suitable for enterprise-level websites that attract an extensive amount of traffic. With shared WordPress hosting, your website will get complete authority of a single physical server. Since you won’t have to share the server resources with other websites, you can stay assured that your website’s performance won’t get affected at all. 

Now, let’s dig deeper and understand the major key differences between these two hosting plans. 

Bandwidth Capacity

Shared hosting is designed to handle a small amount of traffic. This means when the incoming traffic will surpass the decided limit, your website will automatically crash and cause inconvenience to the visitors. This is the reason why shared hosting is only recommended for small-scale websites that attract limited traffic only. 

With managed WordPress hosting, however, you won’t have to worry about unexpected website crashes. Since all the resources of a server will be dedicated to your website only, your website will be able to manage a heavy streamline of traffic without any hassle. 


Security is another factor where Managed WordPress hosting is a complete winner. Unlike shared hosting, your website will have complete authority over the entire server. It won’t share resources with other websites, which means no one would be able to access your website details. 

Ideally, if you are planning to process online payments or collect user’s personal information on your website, it would be better to choose managed WordPress Hosting. Why? Because it’ll provide an additional security layer and you’ll be able to keep your customer’s personal details safe. 


Shared hosting packages are always cheaper than managed hosting. As we mentioned earlier, you can get shared hosting plans for as low as Rs. 85 per month. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with dedicated hosting. These hosting plans usually start at Rs. 150 per month and can go up to Rs. 3299 per month. 

HostingRaja – The Best Platform to Get Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting

Now that you know the key differences between shared and managed WordPress hosting, let’s find out where you can buy hosting plans for your website. HostingRaja is one of the best web hosting providers in India. The company offers a plethora of web hosting plans that are designed to cater to different business requirements. All their hosting packages are affordable and offer an incredible uptime as well. This means you’ll be able to build and manage your website without spending a hefty amount of money. 

Here are a few factors that make HostingRaja the best platform to get shared and managed WordPress hosting packages. 

  • One-Click WordPress Migration
  • CSF Firewall for Advanced Security
  • Easy-to-Navigate WordPress Dashboard to Manage Your Website
  • Get a Free SSL Certificate for your website
  • Access 250+ Themes from the Built-In Theme Store

So, if you are also planning to get shared or managed to host for your WordPress website, make sure to visit HostingRaja and explore their different packages. 

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