5 Tips for Disinfecting Your Office

Disinfecting Your Office

The continued spread of infections such as COVID-19 is an indication that you need to put more effort into your office cleaning. 

There’s an increased need to keep the office clean and germ-free at all costs. Cleaning and disinfecting have become a necessity and the best methods to protect everyone in your workplace against diseases.

Here’re the five important tips you can use to disinfect your office and keep away viruses and bacterial infections.

Use One-Way Wipe Down

After cleaning, ensure you wipe down the surface in one direction. Don’t go back to the surface you’ve already disinfected because you might end up getting back germs you’ve already removed without notice. 

Do a routine wipe down on surfaces touched more often. Such surfaces include doorknobs, workstations, and countertops.

Tech Disinfect

Remember to wipe down all the gadgets on the desks in your office. Such gadgets in your office that can harbor germs include phones, keyboards, laptops, and mousses. 

These are the things you mostly use in the office, and there are chances you’ll touch them with dirty hands. 

You often touch your nose, eyes, and mouth using that same finger you’re using to touch the phone or the mouse. Ensure you disinfect your office and protect your employees against COVID 19. Use an electrostatic sprayer disinfecting system to eliminate germs from all hard-to-reach spaces.

Prioritize Hand Washing

Post hand washing signs everywhere on your business premises. Besides providing water for hand washing, install an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol in the washing areas. You can use warm water and soap if hand sanitizer is beyond your reach. 

Remind your employees and other guests that they should wash their hands more often. 

Let them know that washing their hand’s wash for at least 20 seconds can save them from viruses and harmful bacteria. They should then dry their hands thoroughly after washing because germs spread faster in moisture.

Know the Best Chemicals for Disinfection

You can use common household disinfectants on the bottle since they’re capable of killing almost 100% of bacteria and viruses. They eliminate flu strains, COVID-19, E. coli, and salmonella. 

The Environmental Protection Agency believes that these disinfectants can be effective against the new COVID-19 strain, but this is not yet scientifically proven. 

Wait until the test confirms that these disinfectants can contain the new coronavirus strain. Meanwhile, you can use other disinfectants such as bleach solutions to disinfect your office surfaces.

Remember to read and follow the directions on your disinfectant’s label to ensure safe and effective use of the product. When disinfecting your surfaces, wear personal protective equipment or ensure that whoever is disinfecting your business premises wears safety protection.

Use Color-Coded Cleaning

Practice color-coded cleaning to ensure there is no cross-contamination when cleaning and disinfecting. 

Color-code cloths for specific spaces will ensure you don’t cross-contaminate other clothes since you’ll have to stash them away immediately after use. 

For instance, you won’t cross-contaminate kitchen cloths with bathroom cloths if you practice color-coded cleaning.