Global Online Marketing playground is rapidly changing under the influence of mobile users, innovative technologies, and the omnipresent Internet. SMB-owners should be as proactive as possible to acquire those trends and prepare their ventures for new challenges. Perhaps a strategy or hack that you started using only a few months ago is not so popular anymore. It’s important to follow these trends and changes and keep your business clearly visible on the Web. The following tips will make that process much easier. 

1)     Set the professional goals

As an SMB-owner, you need to think about the big picture – what initially attracted you to the world of entrepreneurship. Under the constant pressure and tension from everyday work tasks, we can easily lose our end goals from sight. This is why every SMB-owner should remind himself/herself of the key motives and goals that were the inspiration to launch a small business. 

First and foremost, using a planner or business planning app might help you stay aligned with your professional goals. You can update both your performed projects and items to be done every week. When you see what’s behind you and what’s coming next, it’s easier to stay focused. Looking for a SEMrush promo code? Get a 30-day free trial on SEMRush Pro with this special SEMrush coupon code for Woblogger users.

Moreover, constantly analyze your existing workload and forthcoming projects. On the one hand, you’ll avoid accepting too many projects at the same time. On the other hand, you’ll be able to opt for outsources on time in case you decide to take more business projects in perspective. 

Once you know your big goals and milestones along the way to get there, engaging marketing tools for that purpose will be much easier. 

2)     Focus on email marketing

You might think that email marketing should not be classified as an up-do-date marketing hack, given that it’s been with us since the beginning of the World Wide Web. 

Even though it’s a traditional marketing tool, email remains one of the most effective options for SMBs. The most logical way to use it in this sense is to increase the number of registered users of your website. In that light, you should choose the type of registration form that suits your business needs and website design. Some SMB-owners use this hack to increase their email list, which is necessary for many different reasons, from increasing the list of regular visitors to sending out newsletters, brochures, and special offers. 

More and more business owners encourage first-time visitors to register with their email address in the Careers section on the website. That way, they can reduce the recruitment time and nudge people to offer their services on their own, instead of searching for potential workers via recruitment agencies. 

3)     Grow the business network

The networking potential of Internet-based solutions is becoming a more and more important aspect of digital marketing. 

The number and type of online channels you’ll opt for will depend on your current business needs and your professional goals. 

For instance, if you want to generate more consumers of your products and services, launching a Facebook ad campaign is a reasonable starting point. It doesn’t take a lot of investment, it won’t waste a lot of your time, and it will increase the online visibility of your business, both on Facebook and outside this network. 

Similarly, Instagram has become an inevitable tool for boosting visibility and generating new leads, especially using Instagram stories for business purposes

For more serious business networking, i.e. connecting with business entities, choose LinkedIn or any other medium profiled as a business network. 

In terms of getting in touch with new prospects and business connections online, the audience is global, the sky is the limit, and your success in online business networking depends only on your goals and your commitment to reaching them. 

4)     Rely on personal digital resources

As the number of stock photos on the Web and websites publishing them is growing, the need for genuine and authentic business visual materials is also on the rise. While these two trends might look opposite, they’re mutually complementary. 

The Internet as a concept is based on visuals. Even though written content matters, what we see in terms of images and videos leaves a stronger impact on us as users. Since the amount of published content on the Internet is rapidly growing, our selection tools also become more demanding. If you’ve seen three hundred photos today online, your eye will be more and more proficient in separating original pictures from generic ones. 

So, Internet users have become muchpickier when it comes to visual content, which is why they appreciate original business visuals more. This trend seems as if it’s here to stay, so SMB-owners should take their cameras in their hands and create their own visuals. 

5)     Strengthen the website presence

As email’s closest living relative, the website is another mastodon of digital marketing that becomes more important for businesses as the Internet spreads to every part of the world. 

When it comes to business websites and their online presence, some general rules have become common knowledge. It should be simply organized and user-friendly, while being informative but concise. 

What’s also important is to include some specific features that will make your business stand out from the crowd. As suggested by the guys from a Houston web design company, website owners need to grasp their visitors with interesting details. For instance, the aforementioned Careers section is such a feature. It’s not a common thing on too many websites, so it can look effective. 

Also, adding a special Testimonials or Completed projects section will be beneficial for your new visitors and potential clients. If accompanied with share buttons for social media, these elements can significantly increase the online status of your website and number of leads. 

Finally, adapting your website to mobile users is a must if you want to target those prospects, as well.

Small business owners have so many options in digital marketing today that they can easily be confused with such a wide range. To cut a long story short, you should highlight your specific services driven by your business goals and use social media to get a wider audience. Also, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing and your original visual materials to catch the attention of your visitors. Finally, focus on special aspects of your business website to make a difference and ensure business growth.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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