No matter how expensive your phone is, it may lag, slow down or freeze. Lagging and slowing down of devices is very common in android phones and over the passage of time this problem only rises to frustrate and annoy you more. But why does it happen?

Android devices are said to be the most powerful and flexible mobile platform where you may install third party apps, expand memory, share the internet among devices and do various tasks. Then, why does your android keep freezing? What are the reasons due to which android phones crash, freeze or unexpectedly restart?

All the answers lie in this post.

Lagging and slowing down of the smartphone is caused due to many factors. Unresponsive apps, old software, low storage space, hardware issues and various other reasons constantly degrade your android’s performance. However, out of these, there are 5 common reasons that constantly kill your smartphone and make your android device lag, unresponsive and later crash.

Top 5 Common Causes To Android Lagging and Their Fixes

Here, we have listed the five main reasons due to which your Android slows down or becomes responsive. Also, we have shared the fixes through which you may eliminate these causes and boost your phone’s speed and performance in an instant.

1. Resource Hungry Apps

Apps running in the background actively drain your phone’s battery and engage your phone’s resources. It creates a burden on your phone processor and causes a noticeable lag in the android’s speed and performance. Features such as widgets, live wallpapers and background syncing apps etc use a decent portion of RAM and cause your android lag or slow down.

Fix: Disable or reduce the widgets and animations that are freezing your android device. Using a static wallpaper for your phone is good to save battery and speed up your device. To prevent apps from running in the background, you may use a good phone cleaner application.

2. Too Many Installed Apps

You might want to have all good apps in your phone but do you know too many installed apps can make your phone lag or slow down. Every app covers a specific amount of storage in your phone and in specific intervals requires updates. Also, these apps continuously run in the background and exhausts the phone’s resources and battery charge.

Fix: Uninstall the apps that you don’t use. Also, be selective with the apps and only install and keep the apps that are necessary. Remember, you may re-install the deleted apps anytime, thus don’t clutter your smartphone with unwanted or unnecessary apps.

If you still face the freezing problem, then put the apps into sleep mode. Hibernated or apps in sleep mode will perform only when you tap to launch them, thus preventing them from running in the background.

3. Low Device Storage

Low internal storage is often a major cause of slowing down or sluggishness of android phones. Some devices due to their low RAM capacity and some due to the cluttering of cache and junk files show signs of lagging.

Fix: Even if you are using a low budget phone with less internal memory or have a high notch expensive android phone with ample RAM, you should clean your device regularly. By cleaning, it means cleaning of cache and junk files. 

For clearing cache data and junk files,

  • Navigate to your device’s Settings>>tap on “Apps” option.
  • Select the app for which you want to clear cache data.
  • Tap on the apps and select option,Clear cache and data. 


  • Install a good Android cleaner such as Advanced Phone Cleaner to remove cache, junk, temp files, app cache and empty folders etc from your android device.

4. Bug or Software issues

A bug is a software flaw , failure or error that doesn’t allow the android device to produce the expected outcome or perform in an intended way. Sometimes the presence of an old version in a phone causes your smartphone to freeze, slow down, drain battery faster, randomly restart and so on. In some cases bugs in third party apps cause your Android device to behave sluggish and unresponsive.

Fix: To troubleshoot the software and bug problems in your android device, the foremost step is to update its OS and apps. Updating apps and system software fixes bugs, updates new software versions, updates security and performance improvements, removes heating issues and solves most of the speed and performance related issues.

 To update your system software,

  • Navigate to Settings>> About Phone.
  • Tap Check for updates and click on Update option, if it is available.

For updating apps software, 

  • Go to Play Store>> Tap on Menu on the top left corner.
  • Select My apps & games>> Choose an app and Update it or enable auto-update.

5. Overheating

Although Android phones are manufactured to endure high internal heating due to gaming and multitasking, it cannot withstand prolonged heating by external temperature. As per experts, Android devices can function between 0-35 degrees Celsius but it starts behaving sluggishly when the outside temperature increases.

Fix: To lower the temperature of your phone, it is good to dim the brightness, switch off GPS, camera flash and graphically intensive app. You may also use a CPU cooler from a phone cleaner app for cooling down your phone’s processor instantly.

Bonus Tip:

If you are facing android lagging or feel that your phone’s battery is draining faster, then it’s better to reset your phone. But before that make sure you have backed up all your data and files in your SD card or somewhere else. Alternatively, you may opt for the best android phone cleaner app to save your time and fix all the android issues at once.

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