George Goyal from Houston brings you an article over the sheer curtains that are also shortly known as sheers. These are the lightweight fabrics covering your windows. The sheers soften your home’s lighting adding an instant infusion of style and modern look to your interior décor. These curtains provide you a measure of privacy as well as are well-matched for the layer window treatment. 

You may be confused or wondering about the types of sheer curtains or the ways to hanging such curtains. As the window coverings are significant investment to add a look to your windows and house, it is always good to know a few basic information regarding the uses and benefits of using the sheer curtains. Also the sheer curtains can be accompanied or layered with a few other types such as roll out blinds, roman blinds and many more. Hence decide from before whether you want to only have a sheer curtain or a pair of two. George Goyal Houston brings you the following points to help you understand more about using these stylish window coverings: sheers. 

Sheers perfectly diffuse the window sunlight

The sheer curtains are usually prepared out of transparent and lightweight material that acts as a wonderful light filter. In simple terms, it means that sheers allow the sunlight to enter the room but also the fabric acts as a light diffuser softening the natural light. There are two of the major benefits of using sheer curtains: 

  • The sheers can high unsightly views filtering the view. 
  • The sheer curtains provide a good measure of protection for the home’s internal furniture, fixtures and flooring by protecting them from the full force of the direct sunlight. 

Adding daytime privacy to the rooms and places

One of the major feature of sheer curtains is adding additional privacy they afford. The sheers never shut out the daylight from the home but also they add a payer of insulation from outside when looked. In the layered window solution, make use of sheers as they provide you with more options to meet your desired level of privacy at any time. 

Sheers textures, softness and movement

The sheer curtain are wonderful transition pieces for the indoor and outdoor living spaces. They are known to enhance the room’s ambience by softening the incoming light, the framing of the windows and creates the impression that rooms have more height. When the windows are open, and gentle breeze is blowing, the movement of sheers can give a nice stylish touch to the overall look. 

Sheers often come in waves

One of the popular type of sheer is the wave fold of sheer curtains. These are also known as fold sheer curtains or the ripple fold sheer curtains. The sheers tend to use special track and tape headings that give impression of smooth, continuous wave from one end of the window to other. In contrast to a flat look, the wave fold gives texture and pop to your room. It is easy to operate and the sheers create illusion of size and also have a slim track that fit in the narrow spaces between ceiling and window. 

Sheers work well with layers

The sheer curtains can be used in combination with the block out curtains, roman blinds or the block out roller blinds being a wonderful way to allow and have a control of over the lighting and privacy levels. For example, the layers solution of either of two gives a total night time privacy that can easily switch to let the sunlight to pass through the transparent sheers during the day time. Moreover the extra layer of curtains also increase the insulation benefits. You can either use the block out roller blinds, block out curtains, roman blinds or the lining behind sheers to have a layered and functional look. 

Whether you opt to use the sheer curtains on the undercover outdoor areas or as screens in the movie rooms or as bed canopies, there exists wonderful stylish and practical benefits that you get along with them. However, you may wonder regarding exactly what is the best way of using them in your home. For this, you can contact any of the curtain and blinds company and they provide you with the solutions that go best for your place. The interior consultants help you to make a proper window treatment decision making you happy for the years to come. They provide you with multiple options and you need to opt the one of your choice. 


You may still be confused regarding what to do and which type of curtain to use. Read the above details properly, if you have decided to use the sheer curtain keep the above-listed things in mind and later finalize the pattern and type. George Goyal Houston brought you these points to keep you aware of how the sheer curtain goes with your rooms. 

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