Expert Tips And Advice For Choosing A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine, whether you just learned you are pregnant or your due date is very soon.

Even after your child is born, you can use a pregnant cushion to support your body while it heals and aids with breastfeeding and other postpartum activities. The best pregnancy pillow for you? We can support you there!

This buying guide is filled with advice from industry professionals to assist you in selecting a pregnancy pillow that fits your sleeping preferences and offers the comfort you require to sleep well.

Advice For Picking The Right Pregnant Pillow


There are many different sizes available for pregnancy pillows, ranging from basic one-foot by one-foot wedges for your belly and back to 10-foot long U-shaped tubes for every region of your body.

Consider these inquiries to assist you in selecting the ideal cushion for your needs:

  • The size of your bed.
  • Will you be sharing beds with others?
  • Where do you most need assistance?
  • Do you prefer full-body support or spot support, such as in the space between your knees?
  • While you’re not in bed, do you have a place to store the pregnancy pillow?
  • Do you have to bring your pregnant cushion on trips?
  • Do you frequently toss and turn in your sleep?

You can choose a pillow that will keep you comfortable over the upcoming nine months and beyond by providing answers to these questions.


Don’t forget to take the fabric on the outside of the cushion into account while selecting one for pregnancy. Ask:

  • Does it breathe?
  • How does it feel next to your skin?
  • Is washing it simple?
  • Is drying simple?
  • How warm is it?
  • How cool is it?
  • Does it smell at all?
  • How about the colour?

If you purchase a pillow early in your pregnancy, you’ll be using it frequently, so it’s crucial to pick one that feels, looks, and smells good to you.


If you’re the majority of first-time (or possibly even seasoned) mothers, you’ve probably never given noise as it relates to a pillow any thought. But some maternity pillows are unquestionably noisier than others.

When you move, those that contain seeds often crumple. Similar to this, as you turn, the fabric on the exterior could ruffle noisily. It’s possible that the interaction between the cloth and filler will be noisier than you’d prefer.

You can be woken up in the middle of the night by a noisy pillow, or it might prevent you from going to sleep at all. Any form of the noisy pillow should be avoided if you want to sleep better when pregnant!