Home appliances like Oven are high-maintenance appliances. The more you use them, the more is the maintenance that they seek. Regular and proper cleaning is the most important component of the entire maintenance regime of your oven. Cleaning also helps you prevent the need for oven repair. However, it is the most dreaded task as well! 

It’s true that cleaning the oven takes a lot of your time and effort. Keeping that in mind, appliance manufacturers have been providing a self-cleaning feature in the ovens, for some time now. However, is it a good idea to rely completely on the oven’s self-cleaning features? This post will give you the answer to this question.  

However, to know whether or not you can rely on the oven’s self-cleaning, it is important to first understand how the self-cleaning feature works. So, let’s start straight away! 

Understanding the Concept & Working of Self Cleaning

The self-cleaning feature of the modern-day ovens has been marketed as some breakthrough technology, using which your oven will become sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. However, this is not the case. Self-cleaning is no groundbreaking technology. In fact, for the larger part of it, it is nothing but the highest heat setting of the oven, with temperatures inside the oven going up to 800 degrees. 

So how does it work? Well, by raising the oven temperatures that high magnitude, the idea is to burn off the grease, oil, and the leftover food particles in the oven. This results in the oven becoming clean and seems sanitized to a great extent. 

Is Self-Cleaning Reliable? 

Well, a straight answer to this will be NO. Let us break this down and explain it to you. 

The self-cleaning feature is not 100% self-reliant and automated feature. It works well if your oven is not very dirty. However, it doesn’t always happen. In most cases, the oven is littered with food particles, seepages, crumbs, oil, grease, and more. If you want to use the self-cleaning feature of your oven, you will have to do a round of manual cleaning first, in most of the cases. 

You will have to remove the crumbs and food littered in the various sections of the oven manually if you do not want your oven to get filled with smoke in the so-called self-cleaning process, and get damaged severely. 

Therefore, the self-cleaning feature is not of much use, as you have to perform manual cleaning anyways. Further, indiscriminate use of the self-cleaning process can cause permanent damage to your appliance, inviting for oven repair that will cost you dearly. 

Some Good Ways to Clean the Oven

Since self-cleaning of the oven is not a good option and manual cleaning is very laborious, here we suggest some good alternatives in the form of tips to clean your oven easily, quickly, and effectively. In fact, we also have some tips to prevent your oven from getting littered, in the first place! Let’s see how. 

1. Use Protective Sheets

A majority of cooking operations that you perform in an oven would leave behind stains, seepages, and leftover clutter in the oven. A good way to prevent this is to use baking sheets large-sized cookware to cover the surface of your oven while preparing any dish in it. This way, all the stains, and seepages will be born by the sheet or the dish itself, and the oven would remain crystal clean. 

2. Dismantle and Clean

A very good and quick way to clean your oven is to first dismantle the removable parts of the appliance, and then clean them individually. The components like a frill, baking trays, etc can be removed easily. You can wash these with soap water or detergent and then let them dry before installation.

Meanwhile, you can mop the inside of the oven with any cleansing agent. This way, it will take lesser time to clean the oven, and it will be cleaned thoroughly, not needing oven repair for a long time! 


Self-cleaning is not the best option to go with, for cleaning your oven. If you want to try self-cleaning, always do a manual round of cleaning as a precursor to it, to prevent any damage to your appliance. Nevertheless, getting your oven professionally cleaned from an oven repair service on a regular basis is highly recommended. 

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