Most homeowners do not give a lot of attention to their house drains until they stop working properly. To prevent bigger plumbing problems at home, never delay the cleaning needs of your house drains. There are a lot of DIY drain cleaning methods you can do, but they do not always work. The best option is to call your trusted local plumbers. 

Here are 5 clear signs you need to hire a professional drain cleaning service:

Water is draining more slowly than usual.

Experiencing slow drains at home can be frustrating. Whether you are showering or washing the dishes, waiting for water to drain can eat up a lot of time. Slow drains often result from clogged or blocked drain pipes. To get your bathroom and kitchen drains back to their working order, schedule a professional drain cleaning service right away. 

There is standing water in the shower.

Standing water can be potentially dangerous to your family’s health and the structure of your home. When water is prevented from going down the drain, it sits in your sink or bathroom floor. And the longer it stays there, the more it can be damaging to your home. Standing water caused by poor drainage or leaks creates an ideal environment for pests, insects, and mold.

Your sinks and toilets make unusual noises.

Do you often hear strange, loud noises whenever you flush the toilet or drain water in the sink? If yes, this can be a clear indication that you’re having problems down your pipes. To inspect your plumbing, call a licensed and skilled contractor in your local area. A gurgling or bubbling sound could be your house drain saying that it desperately needs a thorough cleaning from the pros. 

A musty odor is coming out of your drain. 

When drains are blocked, it can lead to stagnant water collecting in your pipes. This creates the musty odor that you have been smelling in your bathroom or kitchen. According to the Healthline, clogged drains can cause a sewage backup, which in turn may leak sewer gas back into your home. Before the unpleasant smell from your drain affects your family’s health, make sure to get your drain thoroughly cleaned and cleared by pros. 

Drain clogs have become more frequent.

Have you been experiencing drain clogs or blockages in your bathroom and kitchen sinks at home? It is very important that such a plumbing problem is fixed right away before it turns into a full-blown plumbing emergency. If the drain clog does not completely go away after several DIY drain cleaning attempts, it is high time you call for a professional drain cleaning service. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the 24/7 plumbing services that most companies offer today. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs at home, waste no time, and book a professional drain cleaning service right away. Delaying your home’s drain cleaning needs can put you in big trouble. Make sure to call your trusted local plumber now!

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